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Dr. Caroline Manuele Adkins

Caroline Manuele Adkins is a psychologist and former Professor in the School of Education at Hunter College, City University of New York where she taught and was the former director of the graduate programs in Guidance, Rehabilitation and College Counseling. She is the author of numerous publications in the area of career development and career counseling. As a co-author of three editions of the Adkins Life Skills Career Development Program she has designed, developed, pilot-tested and conducted research on the program. She has also been one of the major designers of the accompanying three-day staff-training program and been involved in cross-cultural adaptations of the program. She also sees clients in private practice in New York and Connecticut.

Dr. Winthrop R. Adkins

Winthrop R. Adkins is Professor Emeritus of Psychology and Education, Teachers College, Columbia University . He is also the President and Founder of the Institute for Life Coping Skills a not-for-profit research and training agency which disseminates the Life Skills/Career Development Series. Adkins developed an early interest in work and careers through holding 22 different low skills jobs while supporting himself through high school and college. A graduate of Princeton University, he spent three years as an officer in the US Navy and then obtained a Doctorate in Counseling Psychology at Columbia University where he studied with Prof. Donald Super, one of the pioneers in research on the Psychology of Careers.

After a year at Harvard University at the Center for the Study of Personality with Prof. David McClelland, he worked with Dr. Paul Sharar and Dr. Sidney Rosenberg to design and found the YMCA-sponsored, Training Resources for Youth Project (TRY) in the Bedford-Stuyvescent section of Brooklyn, NY. When the War on Poverty came to an end, Dr. Adkins joined the faculty first at York College of the City University of New York and later at Teachers College, Columbia University where he served as a professor for the next 30 years teaching and doing research with Masters and Doctoral graduate students.

While there, Dr. Adkins and his staff developed the Career Development Series which was published by the Psychological Corporation, a division of Harcourt Brace Jovanovich. He created the Institute for Life Coping Skills to support that effort and five years later when the publisher declined to continue publication, he arranged for the Institute to publish the program on a non-profit basis. The Institute has recently created a new third English edition and new Spanish language version of the Career Development Series. It continues to provide training and materials to the many agencies which use the program and disseminates it to some 14 different types of agencies nationally which serve different segments of the unemployed and economically disadvantaged population. Recently Dr. Adkins and his wife Dr. Caroline Adkins worked with an Italian Consortium to help to create an Italian language adaptation of the Career Development Program which has now been used in three cities in Italy. They are now planning to create additional adaptations of the Career Development Series for other countries and to develop other life coping skills programs aimed at helping to increase the psycho-social competencies of economically disadvantaged families.

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