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Women's Programs Using the Adkins Program
Women's Choices About Their Future

Over the years women have fought hard to make choices about their lives. Much has been gained, yet not enough is being done for women with histories of poverty, limited education and job skills---women who must depend on themselves for their own support and who need help in determining a sustaining direction for their lives.

Some agencies who work with women are more successful than others. Many of those who are successful use the Adkins Program.

Who Benefits from the Adkins Life Skills Program?

The following are among the groups of women who have benefited from the Adkins Program:

  • Women getting off welfare or reaching the end of their 5 year limits for welfare benefits
  • Women abused by husbands or friends who feel trapped in relationships
  • Adolescent girls becoming pregnant and dropping out of school
  • Women divorced or abandoned by their mates
  • Women with disabilities
  • Women immigrants, feeling isolated and alone
  • Women who are laid off and become permanently unemployed
  • Women being released from prison
  • Women living in homeless shelters
  • Women returning to the labor force after raising children

All of the above may be participants in adult education centers, community colleges, employment and training agencies, welfare education programs, programs for the homeless and many religious organizations. They all need help in making career and personal choices and preparing to find, get and hold jobs

What agencies say is most appealing about the Adkins Life Skills Program:

  • The small group setting which provides support and stimulation
  • the video vignettes which pose emotionally laden problems,
  • the structured group discussions which allow them to share,
  • the learning model which dignifies what they know and helps them see the richness of their experiences and their strengths--and does not blame them for their faults,
  • the hundreds of interesting learning activities that help them learn new concepts and knowledge,
  • the chance to explore and create real alternatives so they can have real choices,
  • the visible outcomes of behavioral and attitudinal change
  • the increase in self-esteem as they see themselves succeed
  • and finally, the payoff of sound career choices, good educational and career plans leading to satisfying employment.

Supporting Research

Almost all of the research and evaluation studies conducted on the Adkins Life Skills Program: Career Development Series includes large numbers of women in the studies, women of all age groups. The results consistently demonstrate how much women are helped by their participation in the intervention.

A special study by Curcio, working with women who experienced domestic violence described these outcomes:

  • Increased Self-Knowledge and Self-Esteem
  • The "comfort, security and respect" experienced in a Life Skills group helped them explore sensitive issues of domestic violence and conflict

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Outcomes for
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