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Human Resources / Business Using the Adkins Program
Helping Human Resources Departments

Business Human Resources Departments find the Adkins Career Program helpful for a number of reasons:

  • It helps companies promote from within
  • It helps companies downsize humanely and efficiently
  • It helps companies recruit job-ready employees

The Adkins Program Helps Companies Promote from Within

For companies that like to promote from within, the Adkins Program is a wonderful way to help employees make decisions and set goals about their careers, and move up within the company. Career goals become self-improvement goals. Employees with a good sense of the future are more productive in their current job since a good record and good recommendations become more important.

This is especially true for entry-job or lower level employees who are too often overlooked as people with the talent, people with talent, who with clearer goals and more education, could rise within the company. Moreover, our customers who have used the Adkins Program this way, say that employee morale goes way up when they become involved in such an engaging program, and employees perceive that the company cares about them enough to offer such a service.

A Humane and Effective Way to Help When Downsizing is Necessary

Another use of the Adkins Program is when a company must downsize or close places of business. Instead of just giving severance pay, businesses are increasingly providing career counseling to help employees, who are being furloughed or let go, make decisions about their next jobs and how to find them. Too often that counseling is superficial. The Adkins Program is a most efficient way to provide high quality help to groups, especially to loyal employees below the managerial level. Companies have found that this is a most effective way to help employees turn the difficult problem of leaving long term employment into a new opportunity to rethink and plan a new future.

Helping to Recruit Job-ready, Talent-appropriate Employees

A third interest companies have in the Adkins Program is in their efforts to recruit local employees with the kinds of attitudes and aptitudes that match company needs. One way some businesses have done this is to help establish a Career Center in the local high school or community college by donating the Adkins Program and helping to serve on an advisory group. A well functioning Career Center, using the Adkins Program strengthens the school or college's ability to help its students make informed choices about employment opportunities in the area, in all companies. The sponsoring company benefits by getting better, screened, thoughtful candidates who know what they are looking for and are informed about the companies to which they make application.

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Human Resources

" We used the Adkins Program as a way of facilitating our 'promote from within' policy. The results were astounding--high morale, several promotions, and improved performance all around."

-Director of Facilities